Privacy Policy

Registration Information

Player registration information is collected as a requirement for insurance and emergency contact purposes. No player registration information is publicly available and it is never shared with any third-parties. Team managers have access to registration information for players on their team only. The league executive and the site administrator have access to all player information as required to perform their duties.


As is common with many web sites, all users may see a small number of short-term session-type cookies when visiting this site. They contain no personal data, are used internally to facilitate your interaction with the web site, and will expire within just a few hours.

The only long-term cookies that the site uses are for members that must sign-in to access priviliged areas of the site (e.g. team managers, and league executive). For these visitors, cookies are used to remember specific display preferences for interacting with the site. These cookies are not required; removing them will revert the related display setting to its default value.